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a new treatment of reflex syncope
and other bradyarrhythmic syndromes

The content will be available until the next workshop.

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Dear colleagues and cardioneuroablation friends,

We would like to warmly welcome you to the 3rd Cardioneuroablation Warsaw workshop which will take place on the 7th-8thSeptember, 2021. Depending on the restrictions due to COVID-19, the meeting will be held “on-line” or as a normal conference if circumstances permit. See you in 2021!

Piotr Kulakowski and Roman Piotrowski

Dear collegues,

Due to continued global escalation of COVID-19 epidemic, the 2nd cardioneuroablation workshop in Warsaw, Poland is cancelled.

However, we will be offering a digital program which will  be available through this website. The program will include video recorded during cardioneuroablation procedure, lectures on cardioneuroablation and expert comments. This content will be available from 8th September.

Looking forward to meeting you via internet this year and hopefully
“in real life” in 2021.


Target Audience

General cardiologists, electrophysiologists and associated professionals with an interest in syncope and cardioneuroablation


Introduction – P. Kułakowski
Cardioneuroablation – indications, technique, safety and efficacy – R. Piotrowski
Extracardiac vagal stimulation – a prerequisite for successful cardioneuroablation? – J.C. Pachon
Anticoagulation following ablation of cardiac tissue – P. Kułakowski (sponsored by Pfizer)
Cardioneuroablation procedure – pre-recorded video from live case


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